There are 3 areas we evaluate when a patient comes to us with an complaint.

  • Structural (Joints/Muscle Imbalance)
  • Nutritional (Chemical)
  • Psychological (Emotional)

One of the ways we treat the Emotional aspect is through Color & Sound Therapy.

While this can be done on an individual basis to balance the patient, once they interact with another person they see often or live with, multiple imbalances can occur (Couple Re-Integration).

Each individual has their own energy.

It has many names depending on the discipline… (Ora, Shakra, Chi, Life Energy).

It can influence our emotions and affect how we interact with others.

Different colors relate to different areas of the body (a description is listed on the stand next to each color explaining its association).

The eyes take in the colored light, convert the light (color) into electricity that travels through our nervous system directing all bodily functions.

Each color has its own frequency so when it enters the eye it gets directed to that area of the body that recognizes that frequency.

This in turn causes cellular and hormonal changes, which then leads to synchronization or balance with that color.

Color is used to assist the body with its natural ability to balance itself.

One example would be if you had a headache, you could try on each pair of colored glasses and find the one that takes your headache away.

You might not particularly ‘like’ that color personally but it’s what your body is selecting because there is an imbalance and you NEED that color.

We treat this emotional aspect through Couple Re-Integration.

It helps people interact with one another.

This puts you in harmony with one another so you work together and not against each other.

The process is simple.

  • Evaluate the Meridian Points. (Bladder, Triple Warmer, GallBladder-Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine). *First individually and then coupled with the second person.
  • We test each person to see which color they are showing an imbalance.
  • Find the associated tone (tuning fork) that goes with the color chosen.
  • Incorperate Erchonia Cold Laser to stimulate the body while the glasses are on and the sound is presented. (Inform the patient what that color represents.)
  • This is repeated for up to 3 sets of colored glasses/sounds.