Why is a Wellness Program Important?

• Improve employee health behaviors.
• Reduce elevated health risks
• Reduce health care costs
• Improve employee productivity
• Reduce employee absenteeism
• Can help employee recruitment/retention
• Build and help sustain high employee morale

Company Benefits from a Wellness Program

• Return on investment of approximately 3:1
• Decrease healthcare costs
• Reductions in employee absenteeism and presenteeism
• Reductions in staff turnover
• Reductions in employee stress levels
• Create a health conscience work environment

Employee Benefits from a Wellness Program

• Increase exercise behaviors – walking, biking, working out
• Change eating habits – consume more fruits and vegetables
• Decrease stress levels
• Decrease weight
• Increased energy levels/decreased fatigue

What Can a Wellness Program Include?

There really is no “right way” to do a wellness program. Employee wellness programs can look different at different companies, and that’s a good thing. Wellness should be tailored and made relevant to your employees

Our program starts with passive treatments including:
• Myofascial therapies – muscle tightness
• Trigger point therapy – knots in muscles
• Joint mobilization – increase range of motion
• Body Cleanse – removal of toxins
• Blood pressure monitoring – heart health

The program can then expand to more active participation:
• Step tracking (Fitbit or Apple watch)
• Weight loss challenges
• Specific nutritional needs
• Classes on relevant employee health topics

Wellness programs allow company leadership to emphasize the importance of the health of their employees. This benefits the employees and the company.
Our experienced staff will customize a program that will address the needs of your employees so we can provide our services on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis to keep your employees healthy and productive.

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